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How to Get Fit in 2024 [How-To Guide]

It’s 2024, and you’re not fit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just decided to take up the fitness journey or if you’ve just failed it for the 500th time. The point is you’re not yet fit, and you need to get there. How else is your milkshake supposed to bring your desired targets to the yard?

With that said, the million-dollar question is usually, “How do I do it?” There is no shortage of answers online from people who are experts in fitness and people who can’t even lift their spirits.

Wherever it comes from, it’s usually from a single perspective. You see, there are various factors that make your life unique. Maybe you don’t have a fancy gym or the time to do hours of exercise weekly.

Have no fear, however, as below is all the information you need to get that dream body regardless of your situation.

How to Get Fit Fast

The first stop on the fitness train is for those who want to do it quickly. You’re the type of person who either has way too many commitments in life, or you just can’t stick with anything for more than two seconds.

People like you benefit the most from HIIT cardio and heavy weights. The formula is simple. Stick to compound lifting exercises such as bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. When your lifting is done, that’s the time to bring in the HIIT.

The lifting depletes the carbs, so all the cardio gets to use is fat, which means you get to burn it. Lucky you, right?

How to Get Fit in Two Months

fit couple doing push ups

The next stop on the ever-moving train is for those who only have two months to pull off the big transformation.

Advice for you is not unlike those who simply want to get fit fast. However, your timeline means that you need to add a radical change in diet.

You need to be getting in your healthy fats such as almonds and avocados, while maintaining your carb stores, so you have all the energy you need.

An intermittent fasting regime is great too, as it keeps your insulin low. Eat well and train hard!

How to Get Fit in a Month

This is where it gets super extreme. First, you only get one day off each week as you need to push hard. You also can’t miss a meal or an hour of sleep (you need at least eight per night).

Once you have that in check, you need to implement steady-state cardio such as jogging twice per week for at least 45 minutes, along with heavy lifting and HIIT routines in the gym.

As you lift, pick a weight that allows you a maximum of eight reps per set, and do four sets of each exercise. Follow up every lifting session with a half-hour HIIT routine. It’s tiring, but the results make it worth the trouble.

How to Get Fit at Home

barbells and gym gloves

So, if you’re doing this at home, you either have your own equipment, or you don’t. If you do have your own equipment, then do your best to get in the weighted training and your cardio, and you should be golden.

The equipment you use needs to be conducive to fitness and not to powerlifting. So, a pull-up bar here, a medicine bar there, and an ab-roller over there can make all the difference. Just don’t forget to use them with the weights.

How Long Will It Take to Get in Shape?

This is a very common question that people ask before they commit to getting fit. You can tell that the choice to go down the workout road is heavily influenced by the answer.

Now you may not want to hear this, but that depends on you. It’s best for you to get the real answer rather than be lied to, right?

Getting in shape takes commitment and drive. You must do the work and make the sacrifices. If you mess around, then accept your unfit destiny. If you want it and you work for it, you can have it in a month even.

How to Get Fit for Beginners

If you’ve never really done anything in the fitness world before, it can get a little scary. The best piece of advice here is to focus on you. The moment you let what that buff dude can do scare you is the moment you fail.

As a beginner, you have the advantage of newbie gains, which means you feel and see a more rapid progression as this is new to your body. However, things can get a bit painful at first.

Stick to basic compound lifts and do your research on proper form, so you don’t hurt yourself. A good tip is to get a program such as Muscle & Fitness’ 60-Day Revolution and stick with it until you become more experienced.

How to Get Fit at Home Without Equipment

Earlier, home workouts with equipment were discussed. If you don’t have equipment, however, you need to make up by pushing your body to its limits with CrossFit training. There’s no better way to train your whole body and ramp up your fitness level without equipment.

Check out some CrossFit home routines online. Also, be sure to switch it up whenever you feel as if you’re getting used to one. Your muscles need to always feel challenged, or you may end up hitting a plateau, which just sucks.

What About Fit and Healthy?

This is something that frankly doesn’t get enough attention. It’s cool to be fit and look hot, but if your body feels and functions like cow dung on the inside, then it’s all for naught.

You need to feel as good as you look and for that, you must take care of your health too. Quitting smoking, sleeping more, taking breaks, meditating, and eating well are some of the best ways to do this.

If you’re interested in knowing some of the best benefits that come with being fit, check out this video.

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