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2021 Review of Fuckbook [Is It Legit or Scam?]

With social media being an integral part of our system, the whole hookup experience has leveled up with the help of platforms, such as Fuckbook, for example. Whether you’re looking for regular dates or just plain fuck buddies, the possibilities through social media are virtually limitless. As a matter of fact, three in ten Americans are using dating apps as of 2019 alone—and have enjoyed it! That alone speaks volumes!

Me being ever curious, I’ve done a bit of sleuthing to see if Fuck book is the real deal. If you’d love to know more about the lowdown on this app, buckle up your seats and get ready as we bring you our comprehensive review of Fuckbook for 2021!

Will Fuckbook meet our ultimate seal of approval, or will it just be a flop like any of the other choices out there? Read further to know our verdict!

Is Fuckbook Legit? Or is it a Scam?

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Upon initial scrutiny, Fuckbook seems like your run-of-the-mill hookup app. As with any adult dating site, you can automatically find like-minded people open for some casual encounters.

If you’re going to ask me right off the bat, I’d say; obviously, Fuck book is a legit app. And why did I say that? Let me begin by first saying that don’t let the name fool you. While the app’s name may sound too “in-your-face,” it actually serves its purpose. It’s a social media site for people who are just after a good fuck. And aren’t we all looking for that?

Signing up was a relatively quick and easy affair. It offered a no-frills experience, which I appreciate—especially if you’re a newbie. It’s sort of like entering a dirty snapchat for the first time. Right away, you’ll find that its core is primarily messaging and interaction. Connecting with someone was never a problem for me.

Some users may say that it’s a scam, but to be honest, that actually depends on how you see it. As for my experience, as long as you’re smart enough not to hand out your personal information (like credit card details or personal number) and be strategic on how to sift through fake and legit profiles, you’re sure to find someone to have a good time with—that’s for sure.

My Fuck Book Experience and Hookup Tale

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When I typed in the URL on my browser, I was immediately directed to the website where they first ask my gender, sexual preferences, age, email, username, and password—straight from the homepage. That is important because it cuts all the unnecessary and pointless redirections that I get from most adult dating sites. Why complicate the entire process when you can just have it right in front of you in the first place? An instant plus point, if you’d ask me.

Right from the get-go, communication is the primary commodity here. If you want something to happen, everything revolves around a message. You can actually have it done in many ways. First, you can do private and instant messaging (obviously, the default choice for most people). Second, if you want to be extra flashy, you can send virtual gifts to catch the eye of someone you particularly like. Lastly, if you feel cocky (literally and figuratively speaking), and you think the best way to get their attention is by flashing your assets, there’s private photo-sharing so that you can send choice photos of your body (or your body parts, for that matter). Just think of it like sharing your very own naked snapchats

Engagement within the app was fun. Sure, there were a few fake profiles here and there, but once you find someone you fancy and later find out that the other party’s feelings are mutual, then the fun is just about to start.

I was able to connect with three ladies who were certified eye candies. While the two were mostly a naughty exchange of messages, the last one showed much promise. After swapping some cheeky one-liners and photos, one thing led to another. Here we are doing a video call and two hookup dates later; we’re steady friends (with benefits). It looks and sounds like the start of something new. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong about being a bit hopeful, right?

Just in Case You’re Unsure, What is Fuckbook?

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Launched in 2009, Fuckbook is an adult dating site – not intended for the hopeless romantic, but more for someone who’s in it for a good time. If you’re looking into NSA relationships in nature, Fuck book is the app you should look for.

What Fuckbook isn’t is an escort site. As with any adult dating site, it promotes free interaction within the platform to let you find whatever floats your boat. No judgment in this part of the Web, guys. You can see whoever you like and just go with it. Perhaps this kind of philosophy made them win the 2014 XBIZ Award for Dating Site of the Year.

Just like any sex app, Fuck book gives you the option to hook up with whoever you want. As I mentioned earlier, it asks you right away what your preferences are, whether it’s “male,” “female,” or “couple.” That alone warrants a huge thumbs up because it’s progressive, and it doesn’t limit anyone with their kinks or interests–whether it’s wanting to see someone nude or maybe exchanging some Snapchat nudes.

It’s an app made by sex-positive people for sex-positive people. You’re given free rein to act on your sexual desires and fetishes. You won’t find judgers on this platform as everyone knows and understands the sole purpose of this medium—to express yourself freely through the art of sex.

What Kind of Members is on Fuck Book?

page where you see your matches in fuck book

Open to everyone of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and orientations, Fuckbook is literally for everyone. Currently, there are around 8 million users from the US alone with an estimated 88,000 new members a month – that’s a huge deal and alone would excite you with that sheer number of connections and possibilities to be made.

Worldwide, the estimated population of Fuck book users is at a whopping 29 million. Still, it’s worth noting that 67% of users are male while 33% are female.

Over 90% of the members access the site through their smartphones. Surprisingly, compared to other adult dating sites, a massive chunk of these are Millennials in their late 20s to 30s. So, if you’re interested in finding a “younger” crowd, Fuck book is the way to go.

Fuckbook Features

Upon using Fuckbook right away, here are the notable features that I absolutely fell in love with:

–       Nearly 30 million users worldwide with 8.7 million in the US alone

–       Blog section – a nifty way for users to express themselves, write fantasies, invite people to meet up, or just share their random ramblings about anything under the sun. Users can also interact here and leave their thoughts in the comment section.

–       Matches – with the profile information you provide in the app, you’ll be matched to potential mates that fit your qualifications. It’s an easy way to narrow down your choices and ensure you don’t waste time with people you don’t like.

–       Ice Breaker – this feature unique to Fuck book lets the app automatically contact various users on your behalf. Be sure to have a nice photo alongside your username to generate more matches. One thing to note, though, is that this feature is available for premium users.

Pros and Cons of Fuckbook

As with any adult dating site out there, there are things that they excel at and things that they may need to tweak to improve user engagement and experience. So far, here are some observations that I’ve noted during my time with Fuck book.


–       Can be accessed through various multiple mobile devices (including tablet and smartphones)

–       You can view profiles for free

–       There are many ways for you to connect with users

–       You can use search filters free of charge

–       Free viewing of profile pictures

–       You can control your profile visibility settings

–       No need to complete profile information


–       ADS (and lots of it!)

–       No dedicated app available for Android or Apple

–       Bot messages

–       Some features are limited and may require premium membership to unlock

–       Male-centric users, a smaller percentage of women in the app

Safety and Security

security and safety seal

Data security is a huge deciding factor for people to commit themselves to a platform. It’s something that most developers and adult dating sites have taken note of to provide a seamless experience for their user base.

What I appreciate with Fuckbook is that it respects your anonymity. Especially with an app of this nature, people wouldn’t want to post every single detail of their lives, especially if they’re trying to keep a low profile.

As for data privacy, Fuck book has a ‘terms of use’ and privacy policy that you have to consider and consent to before signing up, which assures users that all information they have given in the app stays there.

My Suggestion

a fuckbook member man and a woman member being kinky and naughty on a bed

So how do things spell out on my Fuck book review for 2021? Well, folks, the app gets a double thumbs-up as it ticks all the boxes that are important in my book. The ease of use, privacy, a good number of users, and messaging features are all crucial factors for me to consider in using this app.

What’s better is if you’re looking into meeting a relatively younger crowd, you’ll be glad to know that Fuckbook is millennial territory. It’s impossible not to meet a single one. After all, millennials spend 10 hours a week on dating apps, at least. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if I stumble upon someone in their late 20s or early 30s hanging out in Fuck book.

All in all, Fuckbook gets my blessing. If you’re curious to try this out, don’t miss out on the chance and just do it! Sign up now and see the difference! 

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