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Want Leaked Snapchats? 35+ Leaked Snaps [Including Pics]

Every social media platform has something that it’s known for, and this is where Snapchat separates itself. Snapchat’s workflow revolves around the sending and receiving of pictures and videos, which are known as snaps.

Additionally, there are many filters and other customization options that you can use to make the experience even more interesting.

Leaks are a concern, as you can expect. Whenever you have a site that is home to personal information and content, it’s only a matter of time before malicious persons start trying their luck. Be that as it may, the way how Snapchat leaks usually work may surprise you, as it’s no fault of the app.

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Below are 35+ usernames that post daily snaps that are leaked worthy. Simply click the leaked Snapchat username below to add them!


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Other Snap Leak Usernames to Add










What Are Leaked Snapchats?

When sexy Snapchat users send snaps out, they’re available for viewing on the site for a 24-hour period. This is because Snapchat’s servers don’t keep the data past that point.

Unfortunately, people do various things to try to make the pictures or videos permanent. This could be because they want to preserve their memories or because they want to use them.

Snapchat doesn’t have a feature or a setting that allows for this, so the alternative that people choose is to use third-party applications that allow for the saving of Snapchat content. However, these avenues sometimes have vulnerabilities that hackers exploit.

The result of this is usually the leaking of pictures, videos, and premium Snapchat accounts. We’re sure you’d love to enjoy some of these accounts.

Will My Snaps Get Leaked on Snapchat?

When you hear about all these leaks, it’s natural for you to start worrying about the safety of your own snaps. Nobody wants to have their private business out there for everyone to see.

As we said earlier, Snapchat is not the platform to be worried about where leaks are concerned. The problem is when you decide to use third-party applications to “extend” Snapchat’s functionality.

You may think that you’re making things more convenient for yourself, but what you’re doing is opening your account up to the possibility of being compromised. If the Snapchat developers wanted the app to have certain features, it would.

What you should know is that some of the third-party apps retain your content, though they claim that they don’t. Once you stick with the vanilla version of Snapchat, you should have no worries.

What Is the Famous Snap Leak?

There are many leaks that have happened that have some relation to Snapchat. However, there is none that has managed to amass the same level of infamy that the “Snappening” has.

If you’ve never heard of this October 2014 debacle, prepare to be shocked. Back then, over 200,000 private Snapchat photos were leaked to the entire internet. Of course, the owners of the photos were not willing participants.

As soon as it happened, Snapchat investigated the issue to provide its users with an update. If the social media giant stayed silent, it would not have gone down well. The investigation revealed that Snapsaved was the problem. You can view this YouTube video below which provides more information.

Snapsaved was a third-party application that allowed people to save their Snapchat photos and videos. The service was shut down after the incident to avoid any further damage.

What to Do If I Have Leaked Snaps

No one wants to be the person who got embarrassed because of a leak. Having your private content out there is never an easy experience. There are people who know you, and they can never erase that memory of you. Additionally, there are people who have never met you, and a leak can be the introduction that they get.

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If you’re a victim of leaked snaps, there’s not much you can do to get rid of it. Nothing that is saved on malicious sites is ever truly deleted. You can report it to the police and regulatory organizations, and you can ask the site owners to take it down. However, it’s best just to stay positive and remember that your reactions are normal.

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